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Writing a Book is hard. Publishing it should not be!

Beyond Leer Publishing is here to provide you with the fastest gateway to your audience! We provide Paperback, Hardcover and eBook publishing, Book Interior and Cover Design, ISBN and Barcode Generation, Global Distribution, Promotion and Book Launch organisation and Media Coverage, all backed by reliable Author Assistance. Get in touch with us today and take a leap towards your writing dream!

Our Story

Beyond Leer Publishing is a Publishing House based in India. It originally emerged as an idea to provide authors with a friendly and accessible publishing platform, and took shape into what it is today.

We understand the importance of Books and their power to share literature, history, politics, culture, academics, etc. and so we make sure these stories from various lives are shared with the world.

We believe that books can open doors to new worlds, and that each writer has the potential to create a new realm with just a bunch of words. And we are here to help authors unlock those doors for their readers, and help create an immersive reading experience for them.

Our Leadership

Rakesh C Kohli

Publisher & Managing Partner
With his vision to help modern consumers by empowering them with Digital Tools that will allow them to capitalise on the advantages of a networked world, this dream venture began with the incorporation of Kohli Media LLP, and has now paved the way for the birth of Beyond Leer Publishing.

Komal Kohli

Chief Amazement Officer (CEO)
Meet the very energetic and enterprising CEO at Kohli Media LLP, who has also founded ventures like the Clothing Brand Medlle. Acting as one of the foundation stones for Kohli Company and its ventures, she has also led the formation of Beyond Leer Publishing.

Dr. Piyush Samant

Managing Editor
When we tell you not to worry about the monotonous editing and redrafting process, it’s because we have Dr. Piyush Samant with us to, to ensure that your piece of literature is up to the mark, with not even a single comma out of place.

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